The Holistic QIP Manual

The Holistic QIP Manual

Purpose of this guide is to help Approved Providers, Center Managers and educators in all positions across all Early Childhood Education and Care settings to better understand how to write a Quality Improvement Plan.


  • include an assessment of the programs and practices at the service against the National Quality Standards and National Regulations
  • identify areas for improvement
  • include a statement about the service’s philosophy.

A QIP should also document and celebrate the service’s strengths.

Developing the QIP

The QIP does not have to be provided in any specific format.

When writing the QIP, you should reflect on the outcomes of the self-assessment process.

You may prioritise areas for improvement against the 7 quality areas of the NQS and the related regulatory requirements. There is no requirement that all 15 standards and 40 elements are addressed in the QIP. The QIP should include the key areas for improvement.

Your service may have a range of documents to assist with and record the planning process. The QIP is a summary of the key areas prioritised for improvement.

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