NQF and Auditor Specialist

Our NQF and Auditor Specialist is hands-on will visit all services; renowned for building businesses, empowering over 100,000 educators, developing new concepts, creating cultures, preparing services for the Excellence.

General Manager

Our General Manager is hands-on and always readily available to help all of our services with their financial feasibility, quality control and HR.


Your consultant will be allocated to you based on service profiling and ensuring the correct match and fit. Focusing on areas such as QIP, Compliance, Setting up services and areas such as provocations and invitations to play

Events Manager

Our community is well looked after by our Events Manager who plans all our events, visits and prioritises immediate support required by our stakeholders.

Public Relations

We know how important is to promote our community to the world. We focus on depth and educating the world why our services are different, achieving the best outcomes in our profession and ongoingly progressing.

Project Officer

Our community is forever evolving, and our Project Officer ensures we gather all the data and prepares us for growth.

Our project officer is available to help with all new service set ups and re-structures.

Administration Team

No organisation can survive without an amazing Administration Team who can answer to all requests in a crazy efficient manner.

Your expert team of professionals are always available for support and advice.

We believe the best teams work like puzzle pieces. We coach and mentor all our leaders to be great at what they are good at. We have the greatest team in Australia, their experience and knowledge are our best reference. We also have a BCA Specialist and A1 Accredited Certifier who helps with any project development and other expansion projects.

Free consultation

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Other specialists

Our community is always supported by access to high-end expertise like

Dr. Arini

IT Specialist

CD Certification

Our Results

“I wanted to let you know that it was so comforting to have Alina today. She is extremely knowledgeable, inspiring and extremely helpful with the tips. Such great understanding of the requirements and standards”

“Alina Dan is truly one in a million! She has a unique ability of being able to unlock potential through her passion. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Through her supervision and guidance, our educators continually reflect, grow and extend”

“Alina is most definitely the best mentor/coach. I’ve learnt so much from her which enables me to also grow as a leader to provide me with the tools and focus I need to mentor my team to achieve our goals”

“Alina you truly are an amazing and inspirational person. I can’t thank you enough for your advice, your incredible knowledge and your ability to challenge us. Alina’s knowledge and feedback empowered us as a service, to achieve Exceeding in all 7 areas through Assessment & Rating”


Bilingual Montessori Early Learning – Croydon Hills


Director, Family Tree Learning Centre – Bateau Bay


Little Smarties ELC – Kemps Creek

Mel Calci

Director, Pippies – Balmoral