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Expect Your Team Culture, Processes and Productivity To Radically Improve. Book Now your service' free Management Assessment with our Business Manager and NQF Auditor. We guarantee your service will be unrecognisable in less than 6 months.
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    We provide early childhood services with the most wide-ranging resources in Australia

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    Our events are not only motivational and empowering but also life changing

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    We use industry unique systems to provide Great Outcomes for our services

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    Save hundreds of hours with our automated Holistic QIP app for quality QIP/SAT reports.

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    Our onsite visits focus on the core model of Culture, Competence and Compliance

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Why Us

Our support has enabled early childhood services to excel across all areas of operations, including:
  • NQF
  • Financial Viability
  • Business Growth
  • Marketing/Market Niche Concept & Market Positioning
  • Team Building/Culture
  • Team Profiling
  • Service Operations Analysis
  • Full Development of Early Childhood Services

Let us help you, take the pressure off and mentor your team.

What We Do

Holistic Management and Consultancy provides impeccable support throughout the entire process of developing a new or existing early childhood service.

We are experts in the field at comprehensively managing your service with exceeding practices.

We develop your site with our expert team of professionals from the initial design concept through to the operation of your service.

We Focus On

1. Your operational systems Compliance systems (WHS, NQF & EYLF)

2. Your Management Systems Team culture/challenges, management style/approach, leadership tools.

3. Development systems Business goals, strategic planning, accountability, viability, business growth, marketing strategies, market positioning, business diversification.

Our Services

A breakdown of these services would include the following (but not limited to):
  • Monthly Visits
  • Bi-Monthly Personal Development Sessions
  • Business Audit and Financial Assessment(2 times per year)
  • Yearly Conference for all Educators
  • Monthly Directors Coaching
  • Weekly Director’s Mentoring Session
  • Yearly WH&S Audit
  • Rating and Assessment Auditing
  • DSS Compliance Support
  • Newsletters and Bulletins
  • QIP Documentation and Update

Our Results