About Us

Holistic Management and Consultancy is a Management, Mentoring and Coaching Company in Australia.

Founded by Alina Dan, Holistic Management and Consultancy provides impeccable mentoring throughout the entire process of developing a new or managing an existing service.

We are the most comprehensive and developed team in Australia with experts across all areas of service operations. From the Design Stage, Approvals to PD Programs, the Excellence application, HR Strategic Plans, Marketing and Branding and Business Development (expansion or consolidation).

We develop your site with our expert team of professionals from the initial design concept through to the operation of your service.

We are also experts in the field at comprehensively managing your service with exceeding practices.

Holistic Management and Consultancy is a holistic approach to mentoring and managing services based on the Culture – Competency – Compliance formula.

Aspects of our service include:

  • Court Witness Expert
  • NQF Auditing
  • Assessment and Rating coaching
  • Business viability analysis
  • Pedagogical and operational curriculum resources
  • Team culture strategies
  • Goal setting support and motivation
  • Systems organisation
  • Policy and Procedure development and review
  • Efficient form and template development

Our Culture is built on:

  1. Values (Beliefs)
  2. Goals
  3. Profile

Our Competency is defined by

  1. Profile
  2. Progress
  3. Productivity expectation

Our Compliance is defined by

  1. Our high-end systems
  2. Quality Control systems
  3. Financial Systems
    • Monitor Profits Monthly
    • Occupancy
    • Rosters
    • KPI Bonus System
  4. HR Systems
  5. Monitoring and Mentoring systems
  6. Reporting Systems

The Culture of Grace

The Culture of Grace is the core element of the Holistic Team Culturetraining (in-house and/or coaching).


An attitude of gratitude brings a culture of value, positivity, and resilience, leading to a motivated and empowered team. Start everything you do with Gratitude. Gratitude is generosity of the spirit. It is thinking of what to be thankful of and being appreciative.


The greatest learning comes from reflection. The only way to progress is to reflect and rejoice in the journey. Reflection is our life responsibility and our gateway to freedom and inner peace. Reflection is our biggest teacher and influencer.


Accountability is Awareness. Accountability is about direction, boundaries, purpose, and impact. Accountability builds ownership, responsibility and fulfillment. Accountability is the belief that you matter in the world and can significantly contribute to others.


Creativity is our quintessential calling. We all have a purpose to create a legacy and create through our gifts. Creativity is compassion, its contribution to others, it is our medium of expression and our strongest identity denominator. We are all creators of different things in different ways. Creativity is also the power of choice.


Energy is Everything. Every single cell in our body is Energy. It is the choice we make to vibrate and be true to our gift. Such energy is contagious, magnificent and contributing to others in a positive, life-changing way.

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Our Results

“I wanted to let you know that it was so comforting to have Alina today. She is extremely knowledgeable, inspiring and extremely helpful with the tips. Such great understanding of the requirements and standards”

“Alina Dan is truly one in a million! She has a unique ability of being able to unlock potential through her passion. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Through her supervision and guidance, our educators continually reflect, grow and extend”

“Alina is most definitely the best mentor/coach. I’ve learnt so much from her which enables me to also grow as a leader to provide me with the tools and focus I need to mentor my team to achieve our goals”

“Alina you truly are an amazing and inspirational person. I can’t thank you enough for your advice, your incredible knowledge and your ability to challenge us. Alina’s knowledge and feedback empowered us as a service, to achieve Exceeding in all 7 areas through Assessment & Rating”


Bilingual Montessori Early Learning – Croydon Hills


Director, Family Tree Learning Centre – Bateau Bay


Little Smarties ELC – Kemps Creek

Mel Calci

Director, Pippies – Balmoral